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The Rebbe extolled the virtues of overnight camping and recognized the value of imbuing youth with a high octane 24/7 energy camp boost that camp will remain for camp a lifetime.
Supported BY camp THE esther allan memorial endowment fund.They were camp capped off by the most amazing last day with championships for every grade in both Kluger and sports, also a grand seforim presentation for all those that participated in MBP.Be a trip to remember!Continue reading Last Day of first session.But the fun didnt end there we camp all gathered camp in Brooklyn Square for the most amazing BMX show by the Dialed Action Sports t the fun didnt end yet, we gathered in the shul where the top learners in both camps combined together in teams.The real fun started with a carnival hosted by our amazing 6th grade campers.Achdus day at Gan Yisroel! Camp Gan Israel was founded half a century ago by camp the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem.
The day began with a grand lunch together during which we were addressed by campers from both camps.
Cgi is going places, we went to Zoom Flume an amazing water park, with its numerous slides, lazy river, and more.
What started off as a beautiful fun camp day at the water park turned into a seder niggunim at the park in the rain.The most amazing thing happened yesterday camp Lman Achai came for a visit to Gan Yisroel!While BMD engaged Lman Achais Masmidim in an amazing game of football.The Rebbe envisioned a warm, welcoming summer camp that integrated learning with fun a place where children could camp enjoy sports and artistic activities while experiencing the richness and excitement of their Jewish camp heritage.Page 136, next page.Posted on, august 1, 2019, first day of second session, posted camp on, august 1, 2019 August 1, 2019.Posted on, august 6, 2019, video Preview Week 5, posted on, august 4, 2019, faces around Gan Yisroel, posted on, august 1, 2019 August 1, 2019.Established BY norman allan.Towards the end of our trip the sky filled with clouds and rain began to fall, effectively closing the park for the rest of the night, but rain cant stop us and the most amazing seder niggunim formed in the rain!Affiliated with Merkos L'inyonie camp Chinuch - under the leadership of the Lubavitch Rebbe.B.M.